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  The revolutionary stethoscope restraint!

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This Stethosnap (available on here) was created by a Firefighter/EMT, who had several Stethoscope problems.  After running many medical calls in and out of the hospital, he realized that he wasn't the only one. 

How do you secure your stethoscope?  If you wear the ear pieces around your neck, the tube and bell swing uncontrollably.  Wearing the tube around your neck has it constantly sliding off during the course of duty.



-Wear your stethoscope in its more comfortable, natural positions 
-Quickly and easily access your stethoscope, yet it's kept out of your way
-Customized to represent your hospital, school or company
-Stethoscope easily detaches in the case of an aggressive patient


-Set your stethoscope down and you don't realize you left it somewhere until you need it (stethoscopes are not cheap!)
-Put it in your pocket and pulling it out quickly is inconvenient and it catches on everything
-Wearing the tube around your neck and having it fall off
- Wearing the ear pieces around your neck and having the tube and bell swing around

We at Stethosnap are so thankful for our nurses, doctors, first responders and vets.
Stethosnap is committed to making the days (or nights) of those who use stethoscopes a little easier one Stethosnap at a time.

"I never found a good way to keep my stethoscope with me and accessible at all times.  I love the fact that I'm not going to lose another stethscope!"
Dr. Hurley, Cedars Sinai Medical Center

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