U.S. Patent #D652,517
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  The revolutionary stethoscope restraint!

Who loves the Stethosnap?

"Since purchasing the Stethosnap, I have yet to misplace or lose a stethoscope." - Nora M, Nurse Practitioner, Moraga, CA
"Stethosnap delivers all that it advertises!" - Andy C, LT Volunteer Firefighter, Tacoma, WA
"As a first responder, calls are often chaotic, the last thing I want to think about is looking for my stethoscope.  Every second helps and the Stethosnap keeps my stethoscope out of the way and readily at hand."
- Melissa D, EMT, Seattle, WA

"I can finally wear the stethscope the way I like, without it swinging around."

- David F, OBGYN, Cedars Sinai

"I love it!  I always know where my stethoscope is and I can attend to patients without worrying about it getting in the way."
- Dr. D, Pediatrics NW


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